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Are you an adultwebmaster? Looking for a nice url for your adultsite?
Liveporn.be redirection service is a free, AD-free subdomain redirection/forwarding service for adult (xxx) sites. service. We give webmasters a clean, fast, short and free subdomain.

Do you have an URL that looks like "http://users.isp.net/~yoursite"?
It's time to change it into a more professional and easy-to-rember URL! It's free and takes only 30 seconds time. Never change your URL when you change your webhost. Get it for life. See our features.

Choose between our current 3 domains:



As you can see, all our domains are very short names, so they are very easy to remember.
We give support by mail and by forum.
We still develop this service because we want to give you the best service.


Short domain name
Quick, Easy Setup
1 account, unlimited subdomains
Very fast network connections
Visitor statistics
URL Cloaking
Meta-Tag Support
Optional WWW prefix
No advertising
Path Forwarding

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Quick FAQ

Q: Do you provide free webspace?
A: No, we provide free subdomain forwarding/redirection.

Q: Can I get an email address?
A: Yes, we offer webmail services. Get you@short.be at webmail.short.be

Q: I've lost my password, what do I do?
A: You can recover your password here.

Q: What about my site stats? Does Liveporn.be redirection service provide them?
A: Yes, we provide monthly statistics. Log in to see them.

Q: Do you allow adult content?
A: We allow it, of course. But the content may not be agains law or violation! All people on your site must be 18+ years.

Q: Do you allow general content?
A: We allow it, of course. But you can also go to F2B

Why Liveporn.be redirection service
Have you ever lost traffic when your free adult host shut down? If you use free adult hosting, we're sure you have. Many free adult hosting sites come and go and when they do close, you loose all your hard earned traffic. If you're going to use free adult hosting our service is essential to guarantee that your hard earned traffic will not be lost. Keep your valuable traffic when you change free adult hosts with a short and easy to remember web address!

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